Aluminium sawing solutions

Complete aluminium sawing line

Fully integrated sawing line:

SERMAS can design your automated equipment, to guarantee the productivity, reliability and safety you need.

Example of a complete sawing line by Sermas Industrie

Complete sawing installation by Sermas Industrie [On-site installation]

Tandem saws by Sermas Industrie
[Example of different design: cut of both slab ends at a time with tandem saws]

Here above is an overview of a typical aluminium sawing plant that can usually cut:

puce Slabs
puce Slabs & T-bars
puce Slabs & billets / Bars

Handling equipment:
  • . Down ender (loading station)
  • . Centering conveyor (loading station)
  • . Upstream storage beams
  • . Upstream storage trolley
  • . Upstream roller conveyor
  • . Laser (net length measurement)
  • . Realignement system
  • . Jib crane for wheels maintenance
  • . Chips suction system
  • . Chips compacting press
  • . Blade anti-pinching system
  • . Downstream roller conveyor
  • . Downstream storage beams
  • . Net weighing system
  • . Cross evacuation conveyor
  • . Pin and ink marking
  • . Band saw with two or three wheels.