Aluminium sawing solutions

Aluminium billets

Our billet saws:

For efficient and precise ALUMINIUM billets cutting - can be used to cut logs into longs billets, short billets or slices (to be forged for truck wheels).

Billet band saw by SERMAS Slicing saw by SERMAS

Robust and reliable saw use to cut billets with high performance and low power consumption.
Circular or band blades depending on your needs and on the products' size.

Optional equipment:

Integration of the saw into a complete automated process including if required:

  • . Loading table - Storage - Conveyor
  • . Chips suction system & compacting press
  • . Crops evacuation
  • . Downstream conveyor - Storage - Evacuation
  • . Weighing device
  • . Labeling unit
  • . Ink and/or paint marking system
  • . Stacking device - Strapping device

Slicing saw by SERMAS Slicing saw by SERMAS